Industrial washing

ROSSIGNOL GALVANIK CZ owns the state of the art industrial washing machine from world’s top manufacturer DÜRR.

This machine is able to degrease big series of parts and also precisely wash the parts when the demands of the final level of cleanness are very high.

Basic demand for degreasing is the minimum value of the surface tension which is controlled with the ink and is measured in mN.m-1.

In the precise cleaning the maximum dimension of particles that can be found on the parts after the washing is specified.

Possibilities of industrial washing



For the industrial cleaning we use the solution UNIVERSAL 81C from the world’s top manufacturer DÜRR Ecoclean GmbH.

This machine uses non-halogenated hydrocarbons as highly efficient cleaning media.

The cleaning process takes place in the closed working chamber, where it is possible to use the hot or cold immersion, ultrasonic cleaning and the vapour degreasing.


Possibilities of the process

Important warning